aren’t they being mean?

I’m surprised PETA or some other animal protection group hasn’t tackled this yet…

Cruelty to lambs during Passover

So I was watching the telly earlier and we (as in me and my whole family) were watching this show where they apply scientific facts to the stuff on the bible, mainly the Exodus, since it is, after all, Passover. Anyway, the show got to the part of the tenth plague; angel of death takes first born kid and whatnot. It was fine and dandy until they tackled the lamb thing.

See, the people in the bible (the Jews) were told to wipe sheep blood on their doorway so the angel of death would pass their kids and instead feast on the Egyptians’ first born kids (pretty morbid if you ask me). Anyway, after the explanation, they suddenly started showing pictures of these mutilated sheep.

It was pretty disturbing, I mean we were eating breakfast and stuff…

Anyhow, I think it’s a pretty sad existence for a sheep, even with the ‘Lamb of God’ shtick going on. I mean, even someplace else in the bible, people always kill sheep and offer its remains, almost everywhere in the bible, you’ll see people killing sheep. They kill old sheep, baby sheep, female sheep, male sheep…it almost makes you think that they hated the animal.

Poor sheep.

Anyway, tomorrow’s Easter so…yeah.

Hail Britannia!


alykapedia 😀

Note: This post wasn’t meant to offend anyone. I’m just merely pointing out facts and stuff, so don’t start and judge my beliefs.


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